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Gays Rejoice with Petruzelli’s Win


So the meanest homeless man in the world was destroyed by the most outspoken self-described “goofy homo” I have ever seen. There are some pretty disturbing pictures out there that put this new MMA hero into a new light. All of a sudden, Chapelle’s sissy fights does not seem too far away.

Yet, in other circles, CBS is reeling from their long-term relationship with Elite XC which is almost completely based on the saleability and marketability of Kimbo Slice. What is ironic, is the backlash taking place in the network and in Elite XC itself. It appears that Kimbo did not want to fight Seth, and actually insisted on a cash bonus of $10,000 to take the fight.

That was a pretty good call from his end, because at least he recognized the fact that Petruzelli was probably going to spank him. Everyone has been talking about the Kimbo side of this win, but no one talks about Mr. Petruzelli’s new angle. He is pretty much open about being gay – in case the pink hair and pink mouth-guard wasn’t a clear sign. I honestly thought it was for Breast Cancer Awareness week, but I was quickly told I was wrong by the Elite XC PR peeps who claim they knew the whole time that Seth was a spoiler. That is very interesting considering they passed on Frank Shamrock taking the fight – who, even giving up 40 lbs would have submitted Kimbo in about the same amount of time.

What is next for Seth Petruzelli? Well, he just openned a chain of smoothie stores, so maybe nothing in MMA but it sure would be a shame to miss the 15 minutes while you have it. Think of all the whips and smoothies you could sell!

UPDATE: Thanks BC!!! I didn’t want to think that homo-homo-erectus KTFO of Kimbo when hetero couldn’t get the job done…but the 3-way tongue kiss with a bunch of dudes DEFINITELY needs explaining!!!

  • COED Writer