The Young Guns of NCAA Football

The Young Guns of NCAA Football

Who says experience is everything?

Maybe more than ever before, coaches are turning to the best player available rather than the oldest guy on the depth chart. This season, there are a number of young guns who are proving experience may not be the best factor when deciding who takes the snaps on Saturday afternoons.

Even at storied programs, the next in line is rarely the next in line. Over a dozen underclassmen are answering the call of duty this season and are amongst the nation’s best at the quarterback position. [Love of Sports]

Why I Miss College: Because of FSU and Zeta Tau Alpha’s Sorority

You see this folks? This is what it’s like when you get to go to a school like Florida State University. This is what it’s like to be that guy. That guy in this picture who was smart enough to realize that this was his one chance to party on a consistent basis with hot blond sorority girls. Sure he looks like a toolbox but this guy is my kind of guy, and the ladies at Zeta Tau Alpha know what’s up. [Uncoached]

5 Reasons Why College Students Need to Vote

So why don’t politicians pay more attention to the issues that you care about, like the price of tuition, financial aid, and the availability of entry level jobs? Because traditionally, college students have had relatively low voter turnout. Instead, the candidates pay lots of attention to issues of importance to the elderly, like Social Security, because the elderly vote! [edu In Review]

College students: get off your duffs and vote! In case you need a good reason to do so, here are five:

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