Register to Vote, Right Here, Right Now

If you haven’t registered to vote or don’t know if you are, NOW IS THE TIME. In fact, time is running out – this Saturday is the first round of deadlines for registering to vote. You can check here to seen when your state’s deadline for registering is. After that date you cannot vote on election day if you haven’t already registered. So please, do not wait.

Find out how to register to vote in less than five minutes after the jump! This non-partisan site will allow you to register for any party or no party, so you don’t feel like you’re casting your vote just by signing up. Another non-partisan site, is an organization started in 2004 by artists and musicians determined to have the creative community politically active and voting. The Republican’s official Website for registering. Run by the Obama campaign, this site allows you to check to see if you’re registered already, request an absentee ballot and, of course, register to vote.

Do us all a favor and take a minute to register before it’s too late.

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