COED Vault: Celebrities Stoners Caught on Camera

I was surfing the new today and ran across a story on City Rag called Pot Break that features images of celebrities and common folk like you and I getting stoned in NYC.

It reminded me of a COED story from way back when called 13 Celebrity Stoners Caught on Camera.

Celebrities are stalked by the paparazzi 24/7, so it’s inevitable that the camera Nazis will nail their prey indulging in high activities from time to time. It’s the Hollywood way.

Only problem is the pictures are a little too risque for the likes of print publications such as US Weekly, People and others. That’s why we pulled them from the vast archive of the internet to serve to you on a digital platter.

If you want to see some of today’s biggest A-kist celebrities (and some d-listers like Aaron Carter) getting high than check out 13 Celebrity Stoners Caught on Camera.

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