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We Call Bullsh*t: Biden-Palin Debate on


To find out exactly who’s telling the truth and who’s full of moose sh*t in tomorrow’s vice presidential debate between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden, then head over to

The site, which official launches tomorrow (it’s in beta now), has developed a technology that makes it possible to tell when they’re on the level and when they’re pulling your leg. Unlike lie detectors, which measure stress levels, Real Scoop’s technology measures emotional states based on variances in voice tones. They then apply this technology to videos of celebrities and politicians and post them on the site for your nit-picking pleasure.

Instead of running the debate live, Real Scoop will be posting clips, with the “believability meter” running at the bottom, periodically throughout the debate. That way, you’ll be able to put Palin and Biden’s answers up side-by-side and see when either of them strays from the truth.

Honestly, I’m more interested to see what each of them actually believes, rather than what they’re obviously lying about. That could be scarier than the alternatives.

Check out more videos at here!

COED Writer