5 Theme Parties to Throw This Year

After completing four years of college, I have learned a few things. Some of these wonderful tidbits of knowledge will come in handy for my day job, others will be strictly for evening affairs. But it was those life experiences best lived and not studied that I “remember” most fondly – and of those the theme party takes the cake.

Since I attended a little liberal arts school in Fredericksburg Virginia, (the University of Mary Washington) the parties seemed to get more creatively themed as time went on. The phrase “we did that already” became annoyingly overused by senior year. I believe the saying goes “Necessity is the mother of invention.” And we need to party. So here are my five favorite theme parties you should throw this year.

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1.    ABC “Anything But Clothes” Party: Beer boxes, sheets, trash bags, pillow cases, towels. Anything goes as long as it was not an article of clothing. This one is a pretty common one found in college towns through the states.

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2.    Famous Psycho Killer: That’s right, break out the Google search and find yourself a famous psycho killer. Then dress up like him (or her).  This one is “fun” and educational. I would suggest this one around Halloween. This was one of those “necessity” times. I went as Jack the Ripper.

3.    Gentlemen’s Club: This consists of serving Martinis while the men wear suits and the women wear something short and silver. Think old school Playboy Club.

4.    Famous James: Any famous person with James in their name; James Bond, James Earl Jones, James Brown, Jesse James, you get the point.

5.    Alphabet Party: Pick a letter of the alphabet to be the theme and everyone dresses up as something beginning with that letter. For example: the letter B, could lead to Beach Bums, Bobby Kennedy, blonde bombshell, Britney Spears. Lets be honest. This one has 26 parties built right in. You could do a party Alphabet Marathon.

Theme parties are great. They are an essential party of college life. Like that trip to Waffle House after a night of drinking or the “walk of shame.” They spice up college life. So, go forth and theme young students.

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