Student’s Virginity Auction Passes $275,000

Sacramento State Students Virginity Auction Passes $275,000

A hurricane of media coverage is swirling around a Sacramento State graduate who is auctioning off her virginity.

The 22-year-old, who is using the pseudonym Natalie Dylan for safety reasons, announced the decision to sell her v-card on the Howard Stern radio show on Sept. 9.

With hundreds of offers already and bidding up to $275,000, Hof also claimed that a “rock star” and a “well-known male actor” contacted him and told him that they would outbid any other offers. [State Hornet]

University of Wisconsin to Offer Brewing Course

We wish they were able to offer this course where we went to school. The concept of allowing college kids to experience beer and brewing in a controlled environment, for credit, goes a long way to developing a new appreciation for beer, and is a more exciting and tantalizing life sciences or engineering option than, say, organic or industrial chemistry. Students will learn while having fun, which reinforces the learning. Trust us, we have a bachelor’s in psychology. [The Love of Beer]

USC Student Fatally Stabbed

College campuses seem like these small, safe little bubbles. And we like it that way. We always feel safe leaving our windows open, talking to strangers at the bar, and walking places alone. We never question when our friends leave the party with someone we don’t know, or leaving that same party ourselves and stumbling home alone. But maybe we should.

Last night a USC student was stabbed and killed after leaving a party on campus… [College Candy]

New Trailer for Paul Rudd’s Role Models
New Trailer for Paul Rudd’s Role Models
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