Learn Bar Etiquette From TV’s Funniest Drunks

Whether you’re an incoming college freshman, recently turned 21 or new to the college bar scene there are certain rules you need to live by at the local watering hole.

How to get a bartender’s attention, bathroom do’s and don’ts, buying drinks for girls, sex in a bar, knowing when you’re too drunk, pick-up lines, spotting a belligerent drunk, and sending drinks back – these are wildly important bar etiquette tidbits that you must know to succeed and prosper in the bar scene.

When it comes to watering holes, the barflies on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia know more than a roomful of urologists.That is why their guide to bar etiquette “It’s Always Sunny At Your Favorite Bar” on Complex.com is an absolute must read.

So before you hit the town tonight take 10 minutes to consult the funniest drunks on TV. You will thank me in the morning.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Premiers Tonight on FX!

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