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The Girls of the 2008 MTV VMA’s Red Carpet


As usual, last night’s Video Music Awards sucked a**.  The geniuses at MTV have succeeded in turning what was once a borderline semi-entertaining awards show into a series of tedious advertisements between more advertisements.  Great Job!

But despite all the foolishness, the sexy starlets came out in numbers, and for the most part, were looking dy-no-mite.  So, rather than making you search thru all those grocery-store-checkout-line-webzines for a little bit o’ VMA leg, we have taken it upon ourselves to weed out the wack and give you the jack.

BTW Pink- You saying “Lemme Check My Flow” in a song has a way different connotation than when Eminem says it… and the thought makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

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