Meet The Luckiest Guy At MTSU

Meet The Luckiest Student At MTSU

The email came into BC HQ this morning- “You have to see the guy who’s dating a Titans’ cheerleader rookie?”

That can sometimes be a trap. He usually sends along some sort of semi-gayish photo that frankly isn’t worth our time.

But in this instance he struck gold. Not only is Ally Baucom a beautiful woman at a tender age, a student at Middle Tennessee State University and a Tennessee Titans cheerleader, but she’s also making at least one guy’s dream come true – that boyfriend above. [Busted Coverage]

Facebook Ads Target You Where It Hurts

Maybe it’s my age, my sex or the fact that it knew I was engaged, but the site decided I was a gal who needed to drop a few pounds. And it wasn’t shy about its tactics.

This was not a close friend taking me aside, telling me in gentle tones that she’d noticed I’d put on some weight and was there anything going on in my personal life that I needed to talk about?

Oh, no. Every time I logged in to my home page, Facebook’s ads screamed at me with all the subtlety of a drill sergeant: “MUFFIN TOP.” This particular ad had a picture of someone with said affliction. For those blissfully unacquainted with the slur, it’s when a woman wears too-tight jeans and a roll of flab hangs over her waistband. [Washington Post]

Students Flock to Web Sites Offering Pirated Textbooks

A new survey of students found that about a quarter of them reported hunting for an illegal copy of a textbook from pirate Web sites.

The survey was small—only about 500 students from two colleges—but it is one of several indicators that downloading unauthorized textbooks is becoming commonplace at college campuses.

Twenty-seven percent of the respondents said they had searched for a pirated book at least once. Only 8 percent of those surveyed said they had succeeded in downloading a pirated textbook, however. Seventy-five percent said that they expected that piracy would probably increase if textbook prices continue to rise. [Chronicle]

Tuesday’s Album Releases: Underoath, Candlebox
Tuesday’s Album Releases: Underoath, Candlebox
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