FHM Vs Maxim Model Showdown

After the much loved Sports Illustrated vs Victoria’s Secret, we’ve decided to put together the next installment of hottie head-to-heads: FHM vs Maxim. The best of the best, these two publications have helped define what it means to be a man in the 21st Century–and brought us the hottest chicks from across the globe every month of the year. But which one rolls out the hottest pictures?

To help figure out this all-important query, we’ve taken the hottest girls who’ve posed for both magazines and put their pictures against each other to decide once and for all which is the king of the lad mags.

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Keeley Hazell

With arguably the best boobs in the business, this British uber-hottie has been at the top of our list since we learned how to make lists. Not only does she have a ridiculously smokin’ bod, but she’s willing to show it all off, all the time. Really, chicks don’t get much any better than this.

Carmen Electra

A staple in the world of hot chicks, Carmen Electra has been on our wish-list since we understood boobs. She’s been everywhere and done every sexy thing a woman could do–not counting marrying Rodman. That was just wrong.

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Jenny McCarthy

From the good ol’ days of MTV’s Singled Out to her cougar hotness of today, Jenny McCarthy has been men’s undisputed dream girl for as long as our beer-soaked brains can remember. She’s so hot, she makes Jim Carrey look like at least less of a douche…

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Jamie Pressly

Before landing a staring role on My Name is Earl, this Golden Globe-nominated and Emmy Award-Winning is the reigning beauty queen of the white-trash world. So of course she’s popular now. But we’ve been all-out for this one since Poison Ivy: The New Seduction.

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Christina Aguilera

Since her “What a Girl Wants” video premiered in 1999, we’ve been hot for this blond bombshell. And when her much-anticipated Maxim photo shoot came out (you know, the one with in the swimming pool), it took all our power to not get creepy about it.

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Joanna Krupa

Every single picture of this Slavic stunner makes us nauseous with horniness. She’s the physical embodiment of sexy, with a painfully sexy body and eyes that could kill.Basically, she’s like a long range missile of sexiness that has stopped more hearts than a cluster bomb.

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Erica Durance

Best known for her role as Lois Lane on Smallville, Durance was born in Calgary, Canada and has a pile of television and film appearance under her belt already. But we’re thinking she could just get a role on every show, and then we’d be happy.

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Like her or hate her, this lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas has her lady lumps in all the right places. Not that we’re trying to convince you of anything, but if she showed up at your front door, tell us you wouldn’t let her inside. You know it’d be a good time…

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Leeann Tweeden

In a smorgasborg of hotness (she’s Norwegian, Spanish and Filipino), this 35-year-old model and actress is best known for her role as correspondent on Fox Sport Net’s Best Damn Sports Show Period from 2000 to 2007. But she’s best know to us for that body. Hot damn!

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Nadine Velazquez

This Chicago-native and star of NBC’s My Name is Earl brings to the table ridiculous good looks and Puerto Rican attitude to back them up. And while she’s appeared in both these wonderful publications, we could do to see a hell of a lot more of this lovely lady.

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Natassia Malthe

More exotic than a bag of fried duck tongues, Natassia comes from Norwegian and Filippino decent. How that happens, we have no idea. But we’re sure happy it did.

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Olga Kurylenko

This 28-year-old sizzler started her career as a model, after being scouted on a Russian beach at age 13 before relocating to France. Luckily for you, she’ll be the newest Bond girl in the upcoming 007 flick, Quantum of Solace.

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Rachelle Leah

Currently the host of UFC All Access, which airs a week before any pay-per-view UFC event, Rachelle Leah, 24, is an American model of Filipino and Sicilian ancestry, and she began modeling at age 18.

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Emily Scott

Voted the “Sexiest Aussie Babe” by FHM – Australia, this 25-year-old sultry brunette-stunner started in music videos and as the face of Lipton Ice Tea. But her popularity soon blossomed, landing her pictorials in Nuts, Zoo, Stuff, Playboy and (of course) Maxim. Let’s just hope the trend continues. But with a face (and body) like that, how could it not?

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Brooke Burke

As the best host of Wild On!, Burke sits atop sexy mountain with a body and face so fly staring at her too long can give you vertigo. We’ve been checking out Brooke’s bangin’ body since before we can remember. But that doesn’t mean she’s anything less than amazing.

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Rebecca Grant

With one of the most underrated bodies in the business, actress, model and sports host Rebecca Grant is a brunette bombshell that knows something about throwing bombsl, as host of ESPN’s Truck Stop and a slew of other shows.

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Tricia Helfer

Best known for her role as Number Six in Battlestar Galactica, Tricia Helfer is a 34-year-old Canadian model and actress, having graced the covers of ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Vogue as well as appearing topless in the Feb. 2007 issue of Playboy.

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Megan Fox

The hottest of hot. The cream of the crop. The one worth dying for, Transformers star Megan Fox isn’t just a woman, she’s a dream in the form of the most smokin’ woman ever to walk the 21st Cenutry Earth. Not that we’re biased or anything.

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FHM Vs. Maxim: Who Ya Got?

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