Knicks Acquire Patrick Ewing Jr… Still Clueless?

In a very quiet move outside of New York, the Knicks acquired Patrick Ewing Jr. from the Houston Rockets in exchange for the draft rights for Frederic Weis.  This trade is hilarious/awesome/strange on so many levels.

Knicks fans may finally be able to rejoice and get closure on the infamous 1999 Draft seletion of Weis over local hero and St. John’s baller, Ron Artest.  Obviously, Weis – yes, the man Vince Carter dunked on by literally jumping over his entire body – isn’t going to come over from France anytime soon to play for the Rockets – but how hysterical is it now that both Artest and Weis are on the same roster – in Houston, of all places.

But more importantly for the Knicks, they were able to secure the son of Knick legend Patrick Ewing in the same deal.  If anything, adding Ewing Jr after disgracefully dealing Ewing Sr to Seattle at the tail end of his career represents a good karma move for New York.

However, the trade adds another man to their current roster, which now inflates to 16 – one over the maximum 15.  And even more strange, it adds another defensive-minded small forward to a roster already loaded with exactly that, just a month after dealing Renaldo Balkman to Denver because they already had too many of those.  Hmmmmm.

Hopefully Ewing Jr. will stick if not for any reason than to make New Yorkers feel that warm fuzzy when he warms up on the floor.  But who will be the next current Knick to go?  Stephon Marbury?  Jerome James?  Jared Jeffries?  One can only guess what Donnie Walsh has next up his sleeve.

(Photo Source: Newsday / Ana P. Gutierrez)

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