EA SPORTS Moves Testing Facility To LSU Campus

EA SPORTS To Move Testing Facility To LSU Campus

One of the largest video game companies in the world will operate a testing facility at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced Wednesday.

The EA Sports North American Test Center on the south campus of LSU, creating 20 full-time jobs and nearly 200 part-time positions, Jindal said. Payroll for the operation is expected to be $5.7 million per year, the governor said.

People employed at the facility will play games created by EA SPORTS to test them for potential problems and suggest improvements. “I wish there had been a program where they paid college students to play video games when I was in college,” the governor joked as he made the announcement. [WAFB]

1,000,000 Strong for Safe Sex on Facebook

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STD (sexually transmitted disease) incidence rates remain high in most of the world, despite diagnostic and therapeutic advances. 80% of sexually active Americans get an STD in their lifetimes. About 60% of these infections (Aids, Herpes, Gonorrhoeae, Syphilis, Trichomonas Vaginalis, etc.) occur in young people <25 years of age.

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The 7 Awful Movies That Will Prepare You The Most For College

So I recently saw the awful trailer for the new movie College and thought that many people, especially incoming freshman, may be mislead by that movie right as they’re starting to get on campus for the first time.

College isn’t all about fun and excessive drinking. It’s about learning. There are so many college-themed movies out there…let’s take a look at the ones that will impart much needed wisdom to you before you hit the college campus. [Blog of Hilarity]

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