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COED’s Comprehensive Guide to Naked Olympians


Nothing combines the beauty and athletic prowess of the Olympic Games like female athletes showing off their finely tuned bodies without the unnecessary hindrance of clothing. To celebrate the awesomeness of these perfect human specimens, we’ve compiled the quintessential collection of every Olympian to ever strip off her uniform.

In the years to come, we hope to see the likes of Lolo Jones, Almudena Cid, Cat Osterman, Jenn Stuczynski, Alona Bondarenko, Rita Dravucz, Yelena Isinbayeva, and of course, Alison Stokke. But for now, we’ll just have to settle for the 36 who’ve already helped the Games by showing us all exactly what they’re made of.

Check Out COED’s Naked Olympian Pics after the jump.

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Warning: The Following Links are Not Safe For Work:

Amy Acuff -NSFW

Amanda Beard -NSFW

Bronwyn Mayer -NSFW

Brooke Hanson -NSFW

Bettine Vrieskoop -NSFW

Svetlana Khorkina-NSFW

Amy Taylor -NSFW

Chantelle Newbery -NSFW

Claudia Presecan -NSFW

Francesca Piccinini -NSFW

Laure Manaudou -NSFW

Irina Karaveaeva -NSFW

Rachel Sporn -NSFW

Lauren Jackson -NSFW

Olga Korbut -NSFW

Lavinia Milosovici -NSFW

Trish Fallon -NSFW

Rebecca Joyce

Rechelle Hawkes -NSFW

Tatiana Grigorieva

Maria Butyrskaya -NSFW

Katarina Witt -NSFW

Haley Cope -NSFW

Ineta Radeviča

Zhanna Pintusevich -NSFW

Fanni Juhasz -NSFW

Rebecca Romero -NSFW

Nicole Reinhardt -NSFW

Petra Niemann -NSFW

Romy Tarangul -NSFW

Katharina Scholz

Sara Boberg -NSFW

Leryn Franco -NSFW

Bia & Branca Feres -NSFW

Suzy Favor-Hamilton -NSFW

Tanja Szewczenko -NSFW

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