Olympics Aren’t So Sexy: Free Condoms Sit on Shelf

Either China is such an oppressively un-sexy place, or Olympic athletes have collectively given up on safe-sex practices, because two thirds of the 100,000 free condoms available to the Olympians sit untouched, on a shelf. This compared to previous Olympiads, which sound more like an international orgy of unfathomable proportions than a distinguished competition.

“Organizers ran out of prophylactics at the 2000 Sydney Games, which forced Athens organizers to nearly double the total available to 130,000 four years later,” says Yahoo Sports. Despite this, reports of the mood signal a change in “ambiance,” as more events come to a close and athletes are able to think less about the medal they need to win and more about the rainbow of booty that awaits them in the Olympians lounge.

Read the whole story at Yahoo Sports, here!

Adderall: Not Just for ADD Anymore
Adderall: Not Just for ADD Anymore
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