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The Girls of Sturgis: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


When Sen. John McCain spoke to the leather-clad crowd at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this week, he “joked” about entering his (pretty F’ing hot) wife Cindy into the Miss Buffalo Chip contest, a Sturgis staple with more topless chicks than Fat Tuesday’s on Mardi Gras. Unfortunately, she didn’t enter. But that doesn’t mean the party stopped for a second.

With oodles of women with a thing for two wheels, a big V-twin and a clothing-optional mentality, there’s no shortage of skin to get your engine going–or stop you in your tracks. From smokin’ hot to ugly as sin, these biker babes let it all hang out. To celebrate their free-wheeling attitude, we’re proud to bring you the Good the Bad and the Ugliest girls of Sturgis. So strap on your colors, stomp on the kick-start and let the ladies roll.

Check out The Girls of Sturgis: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly after the break!

The Good

These lovely ladies keep it classy…Well, they keep it classier, let’s put it that way. No need for leather, a simple bikini will do, and that’s perfectly fine with us.

[Click the photo to view the gallery.]

The Bad

They spit, they curse and they and drink you under the table, these bad biker babes know a thing or two about whooping ass, and looking good while doing it.

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The Ugly

Most of the time, no matter how often you see boobs, you always want to see more. This is not one of those times. Sometimes, less is more, that’s all we’re saying….But it’s still F’ing hilarious.

[Click the photo to view the gallery.]

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