Google Apps Education Edition Inks 2,000 Schools

Google Apps Education Edition Inks 2,000 Schools

You can think of it as “Schoogle.”

That would be Google’s laid-back but unflinchingly ambitious plan to woo college and university IT departments into outsourcing not just student e-mail but Web-based productivity applications and calendaring to the search giant.

the total number of Googlized institutions worldwide to about 2,000 since the Google Apps Education Edition program was announced almost two years ago. Google says there are now 1 million active users among their students and faculty. To promote the idea, Google also announced it’s launching in September the “App to School” road trip, a 10-stop tour, aboard an “eco-friendly” bus, visiting schools from coast to coast to talk about Google applications and listen to what students have to say about them. [PC World]

Top 10 College Towns for Night Owls

College is about academic achievement, finding your intellectual passion, and making lifelong business connections–and after all that, you’ll definitely need to unwind.

Whether it’s a small town with a big college presence, or an urban metropolis with a handful of schools, these college towns are bursting with activity. [Campus Corner]

College Theme Party Ideas

Whether you are in College or whatever, it doesn’t really matter, everyone likes to party every now and then. It can be even funner when you dress up or have a themed party. Nobody says the only time you get to dress up is on Halloween. A themed party brings a certain cool and fun vibe to any gathering and allows us to be a kid again, as well as enabling us to show our creativity and sense of humor.

Here is a bunch of party theme ideas where people can dress up and have a great time. [Campus Grotto]

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