Silva stomps Irvin at UFC Fight Night

Just when you thought it was safe to say Fedor has regained his crown of pound for pound greatest MMA fighter on the planet, this happens…on the same night. In an obvious (though they denied it) attempt to draw eyes away from Affliction : Banned (unnecessary, really, the Banned guys did a horrible job advertising), Dana White and company set up a fight card on the same evening, featuring their best fighter, Anderson Silva, moving up a weight class to test the 205 waters. Critics of the UFC said this was a stupid risk. Silva’s opponent, while not a world beater, was the ever-dangerous James ‘The Sandman’ Irvin, who’s basically made a career off of bizarre defeats (in one of his fights, his opponent tried to double leg him and they both broke through the cage wall, ending up in the crowd, WWE-style) and quick ridiculously brutal knockout victories. He’s not ‘amazing’ but he’s very random, and under the dictionary definition of ‘Puncher’s Chance,’ you’ll see Irvin’s picture. There was also talk of Irvin being bigger and stronger then any guy Silva has faced, etc.

These worries ended up being unwarranted. Silva is better then Irvin at everything Irvin does best, and good at things Irvin doesn’t know how to do. He’s simply a far superior fighter and he showed that on Saturday night when he ripped ‘The Sandman’s’ face off in 61 seconds.

The first strike Irvin threw, a leg kick, was caught, Bruce Lee style, by Anderson, who then delivered a devastating straight right that dropped Irvin to the canvas. Silva followed up with strikes on the ground and James was quickly saved by the ref. Shocking? Not really. Cool looking? Absolutely. Silva is basically the worlds best, it’s either him or Fedor, and Irvin, while good, isn’t that good. As far as the weight issue was concerned, a lot of people don’t realize that Silva walks around for his 185lb fights at 205-210lbs, and he put on a considerable amount of muscle for this fight. Props to Anderson for doing a full on Bruce Lee impression after the fights completion. Hilarious.

COED Fight of the Night:

No one was surprised to see Anderson Silva add another notch to his belt, but I’ll tell you what was surprising. A decent fight other then the main event on this card that featured two absolute nobodies. In Dana White’s infinite wisdom, he decided to let CB Dollaway (you remember the guy who insisted he didn’t tap out, while standing under a jumbotron displaying footage of him tapping out?) fight Jesse Taylor (Ultimate Fighter washout who sexually harassed Zuffa employees at a hotel). When I heard this, I puked a little. I thought CB was overrated and I was so tired of Jesse’s urine related antics on the reality show that I just never wanted to see him or his pee soaked pants again.

Well color me surprised when these two guys actually got after it in the octagon. Two wrestlers typically cancel out and end up banging on the feet, but that was not what happened here. A surprisingly technical grappling bout ensued and both men struggled for position, C.B looking for submissions, and Jesse looking to land punishment from the top. Why was this my fight of the night? Because Dollaway pulled off an extremely rare and ridiculously named submission to end it in the first round, the ‘Peruvian Necktie,’ which is both a choke and a neck crank. This looks like some serious pro wrestling shit, some type of busted ass Boston Crab joint. I had no idea what Dollaway was going for (and neither did Taylor), and then all of a sudden, Jesse’s tapping out. Kudos to both guys, who could’ve pussy-footed around all fight, but instead went headlong into each other’s danger zone in an attempt to finish the other guy.

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