919 Is The New Perfect 10

The days of rating babes like Marisa Miller a “10” are over!

The Area Code System is much more complex and accurate because we know not all 7’s, 8’s and 9’s are created equal.

The code, broken down by PutUpYourDukes, goes like this:

Every human being on the planet can be adequately described using a three-digit number (i.e. area code). The first digit denotes the rating of how attractive the face is (0-9). The second digit describes whether you would sleep with that person or not (0=no, 1=yes). And finally, the third digit describes how attractive the person’s body is (0-9).

Now when you’re at Palm Bar in Morristown on Thursday night and a member of the opposite sex walks by you can discreetly convey her hottness and whether or not you’d “do” her with this hyper accurate three digit code.

I really wouldn’t be surprised to hear Johnny Drama and Turtle talking about the new Area Code System on the upcoming season of Entourage.

After the jump see the Area Code System in action!

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