Get Wild Abroad: The Best Party Hostels On Earth

So you booked a $225 plane ticket to Europe with ZoomAir, obtained your passport, read our guide on how to avoid health problems abroad and now there is one thing left to do–get wasted, see some culture, get wasted, hook up with a broad abroad (23% of women in Europe deliberately binge on alcohol and drugs to improve their sex lives), get wasted and do it on the cheap.

Hostels are very hit or miss–and your overnight experince will dictate whether you leave your trip abroad with memories of greatness or haunted dreams.

Sure, you can visit to find out which hostel will give you crabs, but the Site doesn’t tell you which hostels will keep you drinking, dancing, flirting, and hugging the porcelain goddess until the sun comes up.

Good thing searched high and low, drank with the best of them, and endured sleepless nights by the toilet to find the best party hostels out there.

If you plan on traveling abroad, and you’re in the market for a hostel do not miss their list of 20 Craziest Party Hostels. So grab your ticket, pack your bag, and sow your worldly oats.

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Bon Jovi To Rock Central Park… For Free
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