35,000 Plant, $700 Million Marijuana Bust in Newport, TN

Are you sitting down? Ok. Apparently, a Tennessee Highway Patrol helicopter spotted a massive marijuana-growing operation in Cherokee National Forest, just miles from the Tennessee/North Carolina border. The officers seized 35,000 plants, equaling $700 million in “street value” prices.

Authorities found a campsite near the harvest, which is suspected to have been occupied by the illicit farmers. Though no one was found at the camp, arrests are expected soon, says KnoxNews.com.

Let’s just get something straight: That…is a f**kload of pot. We don’t know what they did with it, but probably the plants were destroyed. For a country that loves money (and smoking weed) as much as we do, that seems like an idiotic waste of product.

(Image source: KnoxNews.com)

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