NAOMI SMASH! Naomi Campbell’s Uncontrolable Rage Strikes Again!

Fresh off her community service sentence in 2007 for beaming her maid’s face with a diamond incrusted blackberry, Naomi Campbell is back in the courthouse. Apparently, she unleashed the fury on a couple of people after an airline lost her bags.


The Supermodel has been sentenced to 200 hours of community service after pleading guilty to assaulting two police officers following an “air rage” incident at London’s Heathrow Airport…

Prosecutors described how Campbell kicked and spat at police, used foul language and accused airline personnel of racism after she was told that one of her bags had not been placed on the British Airways flight to Los Angeles on 3 April. The London-born model was also ordered to pay $400 to each of the police officers she attacked and $300 to Miles Sutherland, the captain of the British Airways plane she disrupted, in addition to a $4,600 fine. 

The best part? As part of her last conviction, she was forced to attend anger management. Guess those didn’t really work out, huh?

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