One More Reason Not to Smoke: Cigarette Butts Destroying Earth

…Bringing the total number of reasons to 6 trillion. I’m not sure if this actually counts as ‘news’ to people with common sense, but it seems as though someone has finally decided to do a little research on exactly how much harm discarded cigarette butts are doing to the environment. It turns out, a lot! Who would’ve thought, a deadly, chemical laden stick thats bad for you and Mother Earth?

From The Daily Green:

An estimated 1.7 billion pounds of cigarette butts gum up the world’s waterways a year, delivering nicotine, heavy metals, benzene and other carcinogens, along with plastic fibers. No wonder many ducks and geese seem cranky. All that nasty stuff in those filters can also enter our drinking water supplies, where it can be tricky to remove (think of second-hand pollution).

Maybe that’s why I always want to chew Nicorette even though I’ve never had a cig in my life.

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