Six Signs Your Summer Fling Won’t Last

Six Signs Your Summer Fling Won’t Last

Once your tan fades, so will the love. End it now if you’re the type who gets attached. There’s no way the two of you will make it past August. [CollegeOTR]

UT Student Trades Out Political Signs

A UT economics senior sparked the idea for an online program that allows Hillary Clinton supporters to trade in their loyalties.

After Sen. Clinton’s resignation from the presidential race, Andre Nader, a intern, introduced the idea for a promotional campaign that offers free Barack Obama signs to customers who send in their Hillary Clinton signs. Launched Friday, the program intends to consolidate support for the Democratic Party and to promote recycling.

The Austin-based online business normally sells the Obama signs for $27, but now offers them for free, when a customer sends in a Clinton sign. [Daily Texan]

Holliday The Fastest Football Player Ever? LSU Says So

LSU this summer is touting junior wide receiver Trindon Holliday as the fastest player in college football.


On paper, they appear to be right. The 5-foot-6 Holliday, a reserve player last year for national-champion LSU, ran a 10.02 in the 100 meters at last year’s NCAA Track and Field Championships.

Only 69 people have ever run it faster and, according to LSU, none have ever played football or were playing at the time they were clocked.

Holliday, who scored two touchdowns last season, is hoping to make the U.S. Olympic team next month. If you saw LSU play last season, you know how dynamic he can be with the ball in his hands.

“He is a football player with track ability,” Tigers football coach Les Miles told [Nashville City Paper]

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