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Steve Jobs to Announce New iPhone at WWDC 2008 Today. Everyone, Freak Out!


steve jobs iPhone

Apple’s 2008 Worldwide Developer’s Conference starts today at 10am [PST]-1pm [EST], and techies are a-buzz with speculation of what Steve Jobs will announce. The second-generation, 3G iPhone is sure to be on the agenda, but with all the secrecy surrounding Apple’s new releases, everything else is up in the air (as always).

Based on predictions from around the Web, here are some of the things you might have an unquenchable desire to buy after today:

Check out all the predictions of today’s Apple announcements after the jump!

3G iPhone: If everyone you know doesn’t already have an iPhone, they will tomorrow. The new iPhone will work on both the AT&T network in the US, as well as more and faster networks overseas. But it’s the price that counts: “only” $199! That’s down from $399 and $499 (and $599, at the original release). So when you see someone with a first-gen iPhone, just point and laugh at how dumb they are. It’ll make your new iPhone seem even cooler.

OS X 10.6: Snow Leopard: Engadget reported rumors of “the next major version” of Apple’s operating system, code name Snow Leopard. Supposedly, the release will be more of an update from the current OS, Leopard, than an entirely new OS, but will focus on improvements in speed and stability. Snow Leopard may also be the first Apple OS to run on Intel-only chips, rather than the long-used PowerPC chips…if that means anything to you, whatsoever.

Multi-Touch: The predicts multi-touch touch screen abilities will be one of the major new features of Snow Leopard. Not that you’ll never have to use a mouse again, or that your computer will turn into a giant iPhone. But this new function, along with some extra goodies to go with it, would be a nice addition.

Mobileme: iPhone/Leopard Integration: Along with improvements in both the iPhone and the Leopard OS, extensive integration upgrades between the two might also be part of the package. This would allow your iPhone to work with your computer much like your iPod, but with the iPhone’s expanded programs and possibilities.

Macbook/Macbook Pro/Macbook Air: The three newest Apple notebooks are all due for an update, says’s Seth Weintraub. The Macbook/Macbook Pro update may not come for some months, because of the availability of Intel chips. But a few improvements on the Macbook Air, like a 3G wireless/WiMax option, and a Snow Leopard update could be on the table.

Odds-and-Ends: An Apple Internet tablet, though unlikely based on Jobs’ denial of even the possibility of one, could be on the line-up. With all the recent PC releases of this product, an Apple-designed improvement model isn’t such a bad idea. A touch-screen Nano: Obvious, but not very likely.

So there you have it! The only problem with all these awesome possible releases is not having the cash to buy any of them! Doh!

(image soure: Top: IntoMobile)

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