The Birds and The Bees, German-Style

These are the second two pages of a German children’s book about sex, and where babies come from. But in America, we’ve managed to remove all the sex from “sex education.” So to see that in other countries, the parents tell their children the truth, and show them what actually happens–how babies are actually made–we in the US think it odd, at best.

At worst, we condemn them as irresponsible, godless and rude. And so our national sexual health–starting with the round-about explanations and books from which we learn, at a young age–has deteriorated to sickening climate of black or white ideas–purity or porn.

Don’t get me wrong. Many of us naturally fall into the middle ground as our sexual-selves develop–but do so with trial-and-error as our guide. Of course, better access to books and good information on the Internet has rounded some of our sharp societal edges, but still it comes from one’s own curiosity, not a curiosity set in place by the wiser and more experienced among us paid to do just that.

Plus, if instead of “the birds and the bees,” we said, “the penis and the vagina,” we might not come across as such lame-ass prudes to the rest of the Western world.

(image source: Slightly Warped)

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