Kobe Bryant Caught Cheating On His Wife… Again!

Vanessa Bryant (#14 on COED Presents: Sexiest Athlete Wives of 2007) needs to get a clue.

It’s been reported in The Dirty that her husband, NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant has been cheating on her with 18 year-old LA Laker’s dancer Vanessa Curry. Didn’t see that one coming.

To make matters worse for Vanessa (Bryant), she recently cursed out ESPN reporter Laura Lane who criticized Bryant for the flamboyant outfit she wore the night Kobe was awarded his NBA MVP Award. Bryant’s profanity laced bitch-out session took place right in front of her two daughters ages, five and two.

Not a great week for Vanessa Bryant but at least Kobe’s new squeeze is nice to look at.

Which Vanessa is Hotter?

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