Blasphemy: Tebow Isn’t UF’s Most Dominant Athlete

Blasphemy: Tebow Isn’t UF’s Most Dominant Athlete

What would you say if I told you Tim Tebow is only the second most dominant athlete at the University of Florida?

Would you cry blasphemy?

Probably, but that’s only because you likely haven’t seen the best UF has to offer.

The right arm of softball ace Stacey Nelson has led the Gators to the best record in school history (65-3) and is largely responsible for making UF the favorite to win the national title.

She does not have the same media attention or buzz as the golden boy Mr. Tebow, but when it comes to her sport she is by far the best in the business. [Independent Florida Alligator]

The Music Industry Threatening to Sue Over Music File Sharing at the University of Utah.

It may be too late to apologize at the U of U. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has notified the U that 12 people there illegally shared music files using the U’s Internet service.

The industry has asked university officials to forward notices of copyright infringement to those 12 students or employees. The RIAA says it will sue if they don’t respond. [KSL]

Funniest College Commencement Speeches

College Finder searched the web to find the funniest college graduation speeches. From Conan to Jon Stewart, the list is packed with critically successful comedians, delivering hilarious speeches. [College Finder]

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