Intelligent Design: Brazilian Beetle’s Shell Key To Super-Computers


If ever I’ve heard a convincing argument for “intelligent design,” this is it. According to Biomimicry News (I didn’t know it existed either), researches at the University of Utah have discovered “an inch-long weevil named Lamprocyphus augustus” who’s green, iridescent shell is made up of “photonic crystals,” a shape of crystal thus far impossible for humans to create, but is the key to super-fast optical computers.

From the article:

“It appears that a simple creature like a beetle provides us with one of the technologically most sought-after structures for the next generation of computing,” says study leader Michael Bartl, an assistant professor of chemistry and adjunct assistant professor of physics at the University of Utah. “Nature has simple ways of making structures and materials that are still unobtainable with our million-dollar instruments and engineering strategies.”

Using photonic crystals in computers would allow the machines to run on light (photons) rather than electricity (electrons). The alteration would allow computers to do tasks that now take years in a matter of seconds.

In addition to creating super-computers, the discover adds hope to our finding the ability to magnify light’s intensity, allowing solar power to work much more efficiently, and act as a viable energy alternative.

So, I guess if there is a god, he(?) wants us to have super-fast computers. I can’t wait to see GTA on that sh*t!

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