Mayhem at Wesleyan University

Mayhem at Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University, one of the most annoying liberal arts schools in the United States, had a end-of-school “huge block party” last night. Police used force (paintball guns with pepper balls, tasers, dogs) to disperse the 250 students on the street; some of them threw bottles at police cars, reports NBC30. [Gawker]

Football Related Deaths On The Rise

There is a silent and tragic problem plaguing the sports world that has nothing to do with performance-enhancing drugs or athletes engaging in nefarious affairs. This is far more severe, yet apparently not severe enough to garner much national attention, let alone congressional hearings.

Young football players are dying from practicing too intensely, often in extreme heat. Yes, we’re talking about practice.

On March 18, Central Florida wide receiver Ereck Plancher collapsed in a spring drill and died roughly an hour later. Plancher is the latest young footballer to pass away from taxing physical conditioning. [Daily Bruin]

Sean Avery’s Internship At Vogue Begins

When we first heard that Rangers left wing Sean Avery was going to intern for Vogue magazine this summer, once the Rangers were finally eliminated from the playoffs, we assumed it was a joke, or some stunt meant to get Avery a seat next to that weird lady with the crazy glasses at Roger Federer matches. But nope: Apparently Avery’s really working there.

He started his internship on Monday, and he’s already digging in. [Dead Spin]

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