Reality Check: MTV’s New Show Exiled Ships Sweet 16 Brats Overseas

Apparently MTV and the Sweet 16 stars’ parents realized, with the rest of the country, that they were raising complete a-holes that had no clue how to properly function in society–at least non-millionaire society.

Out of that realization comes the best idea for a reality show, ever: Take the stupid b*tches from My Super Sweet 16, and ship their spoiled asses around the world, to poor countries, where they will have to live in poverty only the Third World can provide.

Check out a video sneek-peek after the jump!

It’s not like they’re going in a big group or anything fun like that. They’re going alone (minus camera crew, producers, assistants, etc…) to places like India and countries in Africa.

Of course, it could still suck. MTV doesn’t exactly have a good track record for quality programming. But if they do it right (i.e. make these girls learn what it means to not have everything handed to you) this little number could move a hell of a lot of people back on their bandwagon.


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