2008 Commencement Speaker Showdown


Some schools get great commencement speakers, others get Star Jones. With Chronicle.com’s release of the full list of 2008 commencement speakers, we thought we’d see which school’s bookings are duds and which are Chuck Norris-good.

Vote below in COED’s 2008 Commencement Speaker Showdown!


Al Gore (Carnegie Mellon U.) or George W. Bush (Furman U.)

Bob Iger (USC) or Star Jones (Lane College)

Bud Selig (Bethany College) or Dan Marino (U. of Pittsburgh)

Chuck Norris (Liberty U.) or Bill Nye (Harvey Mudd College)

Bill Richardson (New Mexico State) or Ron Paul (U. of Houston)

Craig Newmark (UC Berkeley) or Bob Geldof (Vanderbilt U.)

Carl Bernstein (Suffolk U.) or Bob Woodruff (Syracuse U.)

Rebecca Lobo (UCONN) or Bill Cosby (North Carolina A&T State U.)


James Carville (Tulane U.) or George H.W. Bush (Bryant U.)

Brian Williams (Ohio State U.) or Tony Snow (Seton Hall University)

Check out the complete list of 2008 Commencement Speakers

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