Suge Knight Got Knocked The F**K Out…By This Dude

Suge Knight has frightened me since I learned about rap. Writing that headline itself was mildly frightening, like he still might show up at my door some night with nothing but a baseball bat, his giant fists, and revenge on his mind. But no more! Someone else scares me worse.

According to, Marion “Suge” Knight got in a fight outside a club in Los Angles, and lost. In the end, he was left unconscious for three minutes! That was last night. Today, TMZ has found the ballsy brawler, and he’s got the injuries to prove it.

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From the article:

The brawler, who owns a barbershop in L.A., tells us he was playfully arguing with a friend outside the club about money when Suge, who’s also friends with the man, misunderstood and thought it was serious. He stepped up to defend his boy — and that’s when the altercation took place. He also says reports he had a weapon are untrue.

Get this — the barber (he didn’t want us to use his name) is only 5’10” and weighs 173 lbs. Suge stands 6’3″ and tips the scales at 315 lbs

The guy took a few photos–face, knee (with injury), fist, other knee…I think–to prove that he’s the “knockout kid.” I have no idea if he’s for real, but I’m not going to be the one to call him a liar…

Poll: Is this guy the “knockout kid?”

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