iAmTakingTooLong: 3G iPhone Expected Soon!

Speculation of new products percolates whenever Apple does anything. And Apple has recently made the iPhone “unavailable” on their Website. Reports of lack of iPhones are popping up across the country, as well as nearly selling out in England’s O2 cell phone stores, the largest cell phone retailer in the UK.

Find out when you can get the new 3G iPhone after the jump!

As TechCrunch.com reports:

The Apple online store has stopped selling iPhones completely, stating they are currently unavailable. What does it mean? In some way I’m inclined to say “not much.” Apple rarely telegraphs its moves this far in advance. However, since O2 in the UK has stopped selling iPhones and a number of folks have had trouble buying them in stores, we might be seeing a next-gen iPhone in the next few days.

There has been much speculation about the next-gen iPhone release, thought most reports believe it will happen sometime in June, with a possible announcement by Apple CEO Steve Jobs on June 9. That would give Apple four days worth of sales before the end of the financial quarter, (and not much time for meddling bloggers to point out its downfalls.)

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