Coming This Summer: The Blackberry 9000 Bold

At midnight Monday morning, Blackberry maker RIM announced the release of their latest mobile device, the Blackberry “Bold.”

Details & photos after the jump!

From’s “RIM officially announces the BlackBerry Bold.”

The upcoming BlackBerry Bold smartphone (aka 9000 series) will support tri-band HSDPA networks and include integrated GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth radios. This baby will run with a speedy 624MHz processor and include 128MB Flash and 1GB on-board storage capacity, along with a microSD slot.

The display is 480×320 high resolution and is not a touch display as some rumors stated. A major weakness with BlackBerry devices has been the web browser, but the press release states that this new browswer will support full desktop-style HTML, and also allow streaming via RTSP–real-time streaming protocol. The device features a 2 megapixel camera with integrated flash. 5x digitial zoom is also supported, but I pretty much write off digitial zooming so this number means very little to me.

There was no pricing, release dates (only this summer), or carriers stated in the press release, but The Boy Genius Report stated it will be coming to AT&T first with a 1700 MHz model for T-Mobile following after.

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