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Finally, A Crappy Drug to Be Outlawed



Lawmakers in New York (as well as a few other states) are pushing a new ban on a plant: salvia divinorum. Being condemned by the mainstream media as the “new marijuana,” in reality, salvia is way f**king crazier.

If you’ve never heard of this psychedelic plant, salvia grows naturally in Mexico, and is often used by indigenous people to facilitate visions during ceremonies of “spiritual healing.”

Check out video of dudes smoking-up salvia after the jump!

Currently legal in the U.S.–you can get it online or at your local head-shop–salvia is most often smoked, similarly to pot. But after only a few hits, the drug rips your brain from its foundations, tossing you into a hell constructed from the deepest corners of your subconscious.

Often, it causes users to lose control of their actions and completely disconnect from reality. Though the trip lasts only a few minutes, it sometimes involves complete blackouts, feelings of paralysis and disconnection from the world around you.

For some, that’s the point, and the short but extremely intense high is blissful and fun. It brightens their spirits, and–really–makes them better people, afterwards, I’m sure.

For others, however, it grinds their spirit into a million poisoned pieces, causing feelings of depression and malaise to permeate for the rest of the day after smoking.

Every person I’ve ever met who’s done this drug hates it. The story’s always the same: they’re out of weed, get some salvia, smoke it, think they’re dying, and throw the sh*t away.

Here’s what a salvia trip looks like:

I have a proposal for the government: How about we just swap marijuana for salvia and call it a day?

COED Writer