More Proof That Olden Times Were F-ed Up: Dog-Rape Movie

If you think this is just a cute movie of dressed-up dogs doing hilarious things, you’re in for the worst surprise of your life. That is, of course, unless dog-rape is your thing. In which case, today’s your lucky day.

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Remember, back when this was made, there wasn’t Sundance and Quentin Tarantino–or Independent Film at all. Everything was big-budget, so people actually watched this.

Today, everyone would be appalled, parental organizations would have a nation-wide, simultaneous aneurysm, and Congress would call a special session to discuss the crippling effects of Hollywood on our national morals. Back then, sh*t was just crazier–that’s all there is to it.

Just because we can see photos of Britney Spears’ nether-regions sliding their way out of a limo doesn’t mean we’re not uptight.
[Props to BWE for mining us this chunk of Internet gold]

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