Dan Marino Speaks at Alma Mater’s Commencement

Among the students earning degrees from the University of Pittsburgh this spring, there was one famous honoree: “Dr. Dan.”Better known as former Miami Dolphin and Pitt quarterback, Dan Marino was the guest speaker at Pitt’s commencement ceremony, where 4,317 undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students officially became alumni.

Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg awarded Pitt alumnus Marino an honorary doctoral degree in broadcast journalism, making him the first graduate in Pitt’s Class of 2008. Marino said that he will make sure his colleagues at CBS’s “The NFL Today” will know of his accomplishment.

“Now they have to refer to me as Dr. Dan,” said Marino.

Nordenberg introduced Marino to the crowd in the Petersen Events Center as an outstanding football player, Panther and person.

“He has excelled in his current role, not because he threw 420 touchdown passes, but because he is intelligent, articulate and analytical, the qualities of a well-educated person,” said Nordenberg.

Marino, a member of both the Pro Football and NCAA halls of fame, graduated from Pitt’s School of Arts and Sciences in 1983. He reflected on his Oakland upbringing and the years he spent at Pitt. [Pitt News]

San Diego State University Chick Hits Batting Cages

Since the mainstream media is focusing on the bad side of San Diego State University, we figured it was time to shed a little light on the good going on for the Aztecs.

The good is named Jessica B., and she is in the running for the 2008-2009 Tempe12 cover model job. We dig this chick because she likes sports–especially baseball. Check out the rest of her pictures: [Busted Coverage]

‘Generation Debt’ Afflicting Students

Kolby Lanning has borrowed $55,000 in student loans to finance his first three years at the University of Kansas. He will have borrowed $200,000 more by the time he completes his senior year and dental school at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, Mo.

Adding in the compounding interest on his unsubsidized loans, the Independence junior figures he will owe about $300,000 when he begins his career as a dentist in 2011.

“It’s hard to believe your debt can add up that much in such a short amount of time,” said Lanning. “I guess I never really took the interest into consideration.” [University Daily Kansan]

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