What Are You, a Communist? Indiana and North Carolina: GO VOTE!!

How do you tell the difference between a non-voting college student and a communist? Trick question–there is no difference,” – Joseph Stalin

With the painfully close and ongoing Democratic primary, every state so far in this election has mattered in ways not seen in decades. And today, Indiana and North Carolina, you get to matter, too.

Now I understand, it’s easy to get disillusioned, with 24-hour-news bickering and the constant, meaningless back-and-forth between candidates. But whatever. It’s not that bad. Or it at least could be a lot worse. (When the Iraqis voted, there was a good chance of getting shot.) Really, it’s just obnoxious.

College students have played an enormous role in this primary season, so I urge you to let Indiana and North Carolina set the record for most college-age votes this year. That wouldn’t just put you on the map of significant states, it’d place you in the history books, forever.

Now that I have you won-over, here’s all you need to know about (hopefully) making your vote count TODAY:

The Candidates:

Barack Obama (D-IL): BarackObama.com

Number of contests/states won: 31

Total delegate count: 1747

Number of pledged (elected) delegates: 1491

Number of Superdelegates: 256

Hillary Clinton (D-NY): HillaryClinton.com

Number of contests/states won: 15

Total delegate count: 1608

Number of pledged (elected) delegates: 1337

Number of Superdelegates: 271

John McCain (R-AZ):

Number of states won: 24

Total Number of delegates: 1,331

John McCain will be the Republican nominee for President.


Poll Operation Times:

Indiana: 6:00am to 6:00pm

*Indiana Voters: REMEMBER, you must bring a state-issued photo I.D. to vote!

North Carolina: 6:30am to 7:30pm

Find Your Polling (Voting) Location:

Indiana: Click here to find your voting location.

North Carolina: Click here to find your voting location.

Weather Report:

Indiana North Carolina

Not registered? The General election matters even more than the primaries, so go to your state’s board of election Website, and take care of your sh*t.

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