Exposed: Judd Apatow’s Movie Making Formula

By now I hope all of you have seen “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Just like 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and SuperBad before it, Sarah Marshall was a blast.

At the rate Judd Apatow is pumping out these wry, witty, irreverent, romantic comedies chock full of heart, you’d think he has a hidden systematic formula for success.

In fact, reports that this just might be the case.

How To Make Your Own Judd Apatow Movie” breaks down the film making process that Apatow could be using to pump out these hits at a rate faster than The Beatles produced albums.‘s Michael Swaim breaks down part of the casting process by saying:

To create your protagonist, simply take yourself then graft on a glaring flaw that would have made you the subject of fun in High School (a virgin, fat and lazy, a complete pussy).

Make sure it’s a flaw that doesn’t prevent them from being charming (such as “face burnt off” or “is Hitler”) and can be easily solved in fifteen minutes (has sex, decides not to be lazy, has sex with Mila Kunis). Do not expect your protagonist to be more charming than Paul Rudd. This is not necessary, nor is it possible.

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