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Artie Lange Quits Howard Stern Show After Outburst


This morning Artie Lange had an on air argument that resulted in a physical altercation with his personal assistant Teddy. As a result Lange has resigned from the Howard Stern show.

Long story short…

Artie threw a glass of water across the studio, jumped over the studio console, and went right after Teddy. The studio erupted into confusion as Stern Show staffers threw themselves between the 300 pound Lange, and Teddy… Artie, speaking about himself said that he was not a good person, and there was no way he could guarantee that such an episode would not happen again. It was suggested that Artie leave the studio, which he did. [Sirius Buzz]

The audio of the fight was posted on YouTube so check it out after the jump!

Artie Lange Quits Pt. 1

Artie Lange Quits Pt. 2

Artie Lange Quits Pt. 3

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