The Unknown Benefits of Exercise

We all know the obvious reasons to lace up the Nikes and sweat it out at the gym: calories burned, harder abs, a flatter ass, a better shape, weight loss, etc. Those are all well and good, but there are many rarely-mentioned benefits to working out that are even more important to your body.Daily exercise:

Improves Memory: Working out boosts blood flow to the brain, which improves your mental abilities. So, each trip to the gym is doing double duty: working your quads and your brain! Exercising is a sure-fire preventative measure to keep your brain working and sharp as you age.

Helps You Sleep Better: This seems like such an obvious one — working out makes you tired, so you sleep – but it’s deeper than that. Physical activity for 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week has been proven to help you stay asleep longer and enjoy more of the deep sleep, which is the stuff we benefit most from. But, the workouts have to be in the morning or afternoon, because exercising at night will energize you too much to sleep.

Will Help You F*&K Better: I don’t know why (because I’m not a doctor and don’t understand all this medical mumbo jumbo), but regular exercise increases sex drive, activity and satisfaction. Rar. Between your increased self-confidence with your leaner body that lets you go buck wild, and something that happens in your sympathetic nervous system that sends more blood to your genital area, sex is just so much better with exercise.

Increases Will-Power: Self discipline is controlled by the frontal cortex of the brain. The lovely thing about the brain is that it can change and your frontal cortex/will power gets stronger with practice! So, pushing yourself to workout now will strengthen that part of the brain making it easier to exercise tomorrow and the day after that.

It also alleviates menstrual cramps, improves digestion and, somehow, aids complexion.

God; what does working out not do? I’m pretty sure that there will be evidence out soon to suggest that exercise creates world peace and reduces our carbon footprints. But all of this just proves that physical exercise is vital to living a healthy life, in more ways than we ever knew.

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