Matt Leinart Is Not The First Drunken Athlete

Pictures of Matt Leinart partying with a group of girls at his Arizona home have made their way onto FOX News and other ‘mainstream’ media outlets after being featured on ESPN’s PTI last night.

“Among the four photos splashed across Web sites and over the weekend, Leinart was shown assisting a co-ed drinking from a beer bong in one and sharing a hot tub with four women in another. The photos ran on SportsCenter on Tuesday.” [ESPN]

The backlash has become so strong that Arizona Cardinals headcoach Ken Whisenhunt has been forced to made a statement on the situation saying, “he was “disappointed” in his quarterback.”

Michael Wilbon, host of ESPN’s talkshow PTI raised a good point last night when he said, “isn’t this exactly what a 24 year old NFL quarterback should be doing every day of the offseason.”

I’m going to go with Wilbon and agree.

As we saw in COED Presents: America’s Top 20 Drunkest Athletes, Leinart is not the first and will not be the last star athlete to go out and have a good time. Leinart got screwed because news hungry media outlets were fiending for scandal and got it in the form of 4 pictures that were probably uploaded to and stolen from a hacked Facebook page using the new privacy glitch.

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