Paris Hilton Should Never Belly Dance

It’s a love/hate thing with Paris Hilton. Most days you’re annoyed by her vapid personality and shameless self promoting. But there are rare instances where you feel like she completely ‘gets it,’ and is just playing her part in the ridiculous world of pop-culture, because why not?

Days like today are rarer than hen’s teeth.

Attending her latest random event for money – this one being Miss Turkey 2008, held in Istanbul – Paris was led on stage by professional belly dancer Asena and encouraged to follow her lead, live in front of a studio audience. Things get terribly awkward from here on in.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiit, I would’ve tanked too, girl. Let’s not shoot fish flopping outside the barrel, now.

But if we are gonna shoot fish in a barrel, I think the more important aspect of the video, and her past vids that shot her to fame, is that she’s probably not good in bed. Girl cannot move her body at all.

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