The Truth Behind the Paula Nelson Barfight Video

And the verdict is in: the video of Paula Nelson, Willie Nelson’s daughter, kicking a drunk guy offstage during a live set in Texas is 100% staged. Jimmy Kimmel aired the clip on Jimmy Kimmel Live! a few days ago, and it has since ‘gone viral,’ as they say.

Apparently, the drunkard in the clip is Paula’s boyfriend Jeff Schwan, the stunt coordinator for Friday Night Lights. Schwan told COED that he and Paula wanted to pull a prank on their friends at the bar, so they set up a quick fracas to startle them. No foul play here.

The kick, that has been promoted as some sort of kick-ass grrl rawk moment, is nothing more than a gag. Well, that’s about as grrl rawk as…wait, she really is a black belt? Forget it, she’s validated – and she’s still Willie’s daughter, which gives her eternal badass-ness.

Furthermore, the parties involved never claimed the video was real. They were only trying pull a fast one on their friends, not the entire internet.

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