Suge Knight Returns to the Limelight, Lowers Entertainment Standards Worldwide

And here we go again, with that whole “keeping it real” adage that gangsta rap motherf***ing swears by. Death Row’s ex-high shaman Suge Knight is back, and he’s bringing his intimidating force to television with his own Making the Band-type reality show, titled Unfinished Business.

In the trailer, we see Mr. Knight doing what he does best: making people feel really nervous in his presence and instigating fistfights.

To make matters more juvenile, Knight and his cronies burn a G-Unit shirt that one of his young prospects was wearing. Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh snap! It looks like the East Coast vs. West Coast battle is back on, motherf***ers! I would laugh if it wasn’t true.

Unfinished Business trailer after the jump.


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