Get K-Fed Out of the Headlines!

Every time I see this douchebag in the headlines, I remember that Britney Spears was hot when she married him. She was every teen-aged boy’s lonely night “love-in.” Then “Popozoa” here came along and turned a sex symbol into low class trailer trash faster Amy Winehouse can smoke crack. Sure she was trash before, but at least she was hot.

I think SouthPark put it best this past week when they said that it was time to move on from Britney. Then this a**hole shows up in the headlines – that he was having a huge party in Vegas this weekend for his birthday. WTF?!


These are the next headlines I need to see from this a**clown before I take him marginally serious. Every time this tool celebrates something, every newspaper has something to say, but why? He destroyed a national treasure and we celebrate him?!

I am one of the few chick-writers here, and I have no problem looking at boobs and following the NCAA tourney, but you guys have to help me take this douchebag down!

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