Brew Review: Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale

Being a New Hampshirian (?) at heart, Smuttynose is a beer I have fond memories of, even though I don’t drink it as often as I used to, mostly because it’s not the easiest beer to find outside the state. But nuts to all that – if you can find it, I suggest buying it.

One of my favorites from Smuttynose’s seemingly endless stable of quality beers is Old Brown Dog Ale, easily one of the better English Brown Ales I’ve encountered in my amateur beer critiquing days.

Sporting a rich ruby color, Old Brown Dog Ale pours without a substantial head, but does smell as rich as its color, with a healthy whiff of dark chocolate, nuttiness and hops. As expected, the beer’s taste mirrors its scent, but an emphasis on dry roasted malts as opposed to the chocolaty nose gives it a slightly bitter character. It’s balanced extremely well, though the critic in me yearns for a tad less malt in the aftertaste.

The heavy taste may detract beer drinkers looking for a quick buzz, and I’m sure Smuttynose knows that. Being an English Brown Ale, it’s expected – nay, required – to be full-bodied. Still, drinking more than 4 in one sitting is quite the task. They’re very drinkable, but take your time. It’s meant to be enjoyed from first drop to last – and isn’t that what quality beer is all about?

Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale stats:

Smells like: roasted malt and dark chocolate

Tates like: a rich, malty and bold English Brown Ale

Alcohol content: 5.70% and richer than Richie – take your time with this pup

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