Secretions Magnifiques is…Unique

Hey everybody! Raise your hand if you’ve ever got the hankering to smell like blood, sweat, semen and milky residue. Oh…you all have? Great – Secretions Magnifiques is right up your alley, immoral ones.

Etat Libre d’Orange, the makers of this perfume (pungent order is more like it) are not only pushing the envelope, but pushing potential buyers of their other products away.

I mean really – smelling like sex and rancid milk is way cool and everything…as long as you smell like it during, and not after, boning. Who wants to walk around the street smelling like that? Nobody, that’s who.

An attractive scent? Not a chance in the world. As a repellent from society? Absolutely.

Oh, the French – they’ll do anything for attention!

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