National Asian Hockey Reague

You know I love ice hockey. I think cheese is the one thing I love more than ice hockey. I loved it so much as a kid, I even enjoyed getting up at 4AM on Saturday mornings, giving up my cartoon time, for hockey practices. And I was a fat kid too. Hockey is not a friendly game to the fats.

I can understand when the fatter kids play soccer or basketball or are automatically a catcher in little league – but hockey is different. I have never seen a fat kid playing ice hockey. It is just unnatural, like sex after 60. You are constantly moving, you have about 20lbs of equipment on and you have to wear a restricting helmet with a mouth piece, which obstructs the wheezing. People could die.

What I have also never seen is an Asian hockey player. I know that black people have made great strides this past decade in their pursuit of dominating another American sport, but never an Asian. I think we Americans should make a conscious effort to get more Asians into hockey. There are many Asian-Americans in this country, so why not recruit them to one of the nation’s fondest sports?

I think this could work. By 2010, expect a brand new National Hockey Reague.

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